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Arranging Care For A Loved One in Trafford

Arranging the right type of care in Trafford, delivered in the right amount, at the right time can be a challenge. Together with our care planning team will help you make the right care decisions.

Where to start

Often, the hardest decision has already been made by accepting that some level of care and support is required. Having got in touch with our care team, we will work with you to understand your needs, your goals and your budget.

Step by step

Step 1 – Understanding Your Needs
We seek to gather as much information relating to the person requiring care as possible. We will attend the property, meet the service user and their family and start formulating what an appropriate care plan should look like. We will offer a range of care services in Trafford that best meets the needs of our service users and their families. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our plans are bespoke to the individual in need.
Step 2 – Care Planning
We will co-design the care plan with the service user and family. Where possible, we advocate an enabling approach to delivering care in Trafford. This means we prefer to perform care tasks with our service users rather than for them. This approach will maintain the service user’s capabilities for as long as possible. This also means we are not planning additional care that is unwarranted and can add to costs.
Step 3 – Care Delivery
With the care plan agreed by all, we will commence care delivery at an appointed date/time. The first few days can often be a little over-whelming with service users and families becoming accustomed to new faces coming into their home. We do aim to keep a consistent team in place so that very soon you will become familiar with those there to support you.
Step 4 – Care Review
Step 4 – Care Review The care plan will constantly be revisited and evolve to reflect any changes in the service user’s capabilities and needs. We use sophisticated care planning technology so that, for instance, one member of our Trafford care team can visit in the morning and, based on that visit, is able to change the care plan if required in time for the next visit by a team member.

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